About Us

Best in BBQ Sauces, Seasoning Rubs, and Cigars since 2020

Welcome to the Barbeque & Smoke Family.

We are glad you have taken the time to add us to your family to increase your barbequing experience and your cigar flavor base. We know you could have chosen many other subscriptions but we are happy you joined our family. The Barbeque & Smoke staff works hard to ensure all orders are properly filled and the products you receive; sauces, rubs, and cigars are fresh and ready for you to enjoy the day they arrive.

The sauces and rubs provided by Barbeque & Smoke are custom made each month with different flavor profiles and will have a recipe or two for you to try with them to ensure you are getting the most of the sauce and rubs. The Sauce Specialist, Grill Dr. Roberts spends hours developing flavors and testing them in his kitchen and field-testing them with friends, neighbors, and colleagues worldwide for the best final recipes.

Our cigars are provided ready to smoke and have been paired with the sauces and rubs you will receive. The selection of premium cigars each month has been weighed and balanced by cigar and barbequers who enjoy a good stick during the cooking experience and long after.

We look forward to constantly meet your expectations of quality, excellence, and exciting your flavor taste buds for your eating and smoking experience. If at any time you have questions, concerns, or requests please don’t hesitate to contact info@barbeque-and-smoke.com and we will respond.

Once again welcome to the Barbeque & Smoke family and let’s grow our flavor pallet together and share in an amazing experience.

Sauce Man & Cigar Man